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Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of Amsterdam Alternative.

Amsterdam Alternative is a collective project, an association built on the strength, energy and dedication of its members. An organization like AA cannot exist without people who want to help, think along and/or provide financial support. That is why we call on everyone to support Amsterdam Alternative and our goals by becoming a member.

Membership is good for AA
but also for you!

With a membership you support Amsterdam Alternative but you also get something in return.

What you will get

Access to the AA digital members space
Membership includes access to the AA members space. You can log in via our regular website by clicking the button in the top right corner. In the members section you will find your personal details, meeting agenda, minutes archive, a voting system (co-decision on important matters) and other information about what’s going on inside the collective.

Participating in the internal decision making process 
AA is an association with a horizontal organizational structure. We think it is important that people who join AA can take part in the collective thought and decision making process. That's exactly where the strength of collectivity lies. By becoming a member you get the opportunity to cast your vote, both at meetings and via the online voting system.

We also offer subscriptions. The newspaper will be conveniently delivered at your home address.

Free tickets for AA venues & events
Membership offers free access to a number of events in different AA venues every month. In addition, membership comes with automatic free access to all events organized by AA.
Note: membership does not give you priority in the queue. Nor does it give you a 100% guarantee of entrance. An event could be sold out. As a member of AA you cannot make a reservation. Make sure to show up on time (and bring your membership card and ID). Membership is not transferable.

Thanks to your support, we are able to realize our projects and goals. Your donations allow us to inspire more people and work towards a desirable future for the many, not the few.

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