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We are delighted that you want to support Amsterdam Alternative with a donation!
Small or large, every amount is very welcome.

Amsterdam Alternative is a non-profit organisation. No one is employed (everything runs on the efforts of volunteers) and we do not have an office. Our overhead is therefore very low. No money is spent on unnecessary expenses. All financial income is invested in achieving our objectives. If you want to participate in discussions, think along and make decisions, you can become a member of Amsterdam Alternative or support us by making a donation.

What does Amsterdam Alternative do with my money?
There are three options on the donation form.
1) You support Amsterdam Alternative in all its objectives and activities
2) You specifically support the collective property project Vrij Beton
3) You support the Solidarity Fund so that we can financially support squatters, free spaces and activists

There are several options for donating to Amsterdam Alternative.
• A one-time donation, through the online donation form
• An estate (will)
• Donate tax-free

See here for more information about these options.

Donation form

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