Upcoming event
Saturday 15 December
OT301-Cinema // 19:00 // € 5
New films by Gwendolyn Audrey Foster & Wheeler Winston Dixon
Open: 19:00 - 21:30 hrs
Tickets: € 5

Cinema of the Dam'd is pleased to present a showcase of two visiting American experimental filmmakers: Gwendolyn Audrey Foster and Wheeler Winston Dixon.

Gwendolyn Audrey Foster: Punk Queer Dada Films @ 19:00

Gwendolyn Audrey Foster is an experimental filmmaker and video installation artist whose artwork is informed by punk DIY, queer feminism and the Dadaists, Surrealists and Situationists. Surrealist dreams, loud punk colors, aggressive political themes, at times “ugly” and decidedly anti-commercial, Foster’s experimental films and installations have been showcased at festivals and venues around the world. 

Foster will present, in person, short punk queer, DIY experimental handmade feminist films including:

Kiki’s Film
Making America Straight & White Again
Capitalism Eats Itself: Queering Capitalism
Invasive Species
Sleeping with Sirens
Self Portrait [Détournement]

New Video Work by Wheeler Winston Dixon @ 20:00

"There are already enough images in the world. In my videos, I prefer to use existing imagery, playing with it to the point of abstraction to create an otherworldly experience. Although the original images are rooted in the real world, the final product exists in a phantom zone, existing only as long as the image is projected on the screen. At the same time, I hope to seduce the viewer into believing that however unreal these images are, they still have some sort of temporal reality. It is this gap between the actual and the imagined that informs all of my work." - Wheeler Winston Dixon

Wheeler Winston Dixon has been making films since the 1960s, when he was part of the New York underground scene, and has made more than 400 films and experimental videos to date. In 2003, Dixon was honored with a retrospective of his films at The Museum of Modern Art, where his films have been acquired for the permanent collection.

Films screened for this program:

Transactional Reality (2018) 2:20
2050 (2017) 1:54
Packaged Dreams (2018) 3:57
Corridor (2018) 1:50
The Ninth Circle (2017) 3:05
The Big Idea (2017) 4:28
Definitions (2018) 2:53
50% Off (2018) 1:27
A Typical Day (2017) 13:29
Ring Around The Rosie (2018) 2:05
Bulletin (2018) 2:15
Escape (2016) 3:34

Programs to be followed by Q&As with Foster and Dixon.

Bar opens @ 18:30
€5 entry