Upcoming event
Saturday 21 September
Filmhuis Cavia // 20:30 // € 5
Two Radical Nights with Pierre Méréjkowsky
Open: 20:30 - 00:00 hrs
Tickets: € 5

Filmmaker, artist and provocateur, Pierre Méréjkowsky says about himself: ,,I prefer to define myself as an active artist who works as a repository of ideas and forms that pass our spacetime. In that sense, my "job” is to be a system around the agora; the screenings of my films.

The films are food for the soul! There will certainly start a lively discussion about the films, with a Q&A with Pierre Méréjkowsky. Pierre has also announced that a surprise happening will take place!!


Vrijdag 20 september:
- What to do? (64')
- A propos d’Eric. P (8')

Zaterdag 21 september:
- Men and Prophecy (104')
- A propos d’Eric. P (8')