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Vrij Beton (Free Concrete) - Collective property

If we want something else than the expensive, boring monoculture of the market, we will have to work on it ourselves. No nostalgic nagging, but action. We think this needs to start with the withdrawal of real estate from Amsterdam’s property market. Let’s liberate space from the stranglehold of the neoliberal system and turn it into sanctuaries of cultural emancipation, where the alternative scene of the future can grow.


The Amsterdam Alternative Association wants to buy square meters. No temporary, but permanent space; for experiments and projects that do not fit the commercial world as they aren’t profit driven. AA wants to create new places in the city where living, working, education and public functions are combined. Where art and culture are not necessarily the main focus, but social, political and social activities have a place too. Amsterdam must offer unexpected opportunities to everyone, not just to cultural entrepreneurs on their way to success.

“Vrij Beton” takes its cue from projects that have emerged from the squatting scene. However, it is important to realize that our initiative is not merely a substitute for what is officially no longer allowed. The past was beautiful, but the world and the law have changed. We have to accept that, change is inevitable and not in itself negative.

Vrij Beton is a new energy,
a movement that everyone can join.
Together, we take action for new free spaces in the city.

AA strives for a model that differs from the capitalist principles of self-enrichment and individual property. We believe in co-creation, taking decisions together and being collectively in control. A society cannot do without collectivity. The Dutch word for society, samen-leving [literally: common-living] basically says it all. Our society is built on the value and power of collectivity. Amsterdam Alternative wants to develop a collective force through this project, to continue the concept of the true vrijplaats [free space, sanctuary]. Doing it ourselves also means reaping the benefits ourselves (as a collective). Only in this way can current and future generations be given the space to experience that which doesn’t seem possible may indeed be possible all the same.

Donate, become a member and participate!

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Buy together = Own together

The counter above shows the amount donated to ‘Vrij Beton’ up to this point. That amount will hopefully grow until one day in the future we'll be able to acquire our first AA building and turn square meters into space for collective experimentation. We buy it together - we own it together. No top down, money driven pressure but working, living and programming from a place of desire and passion.

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