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Saturday 22 August
Tickets OT301-Studios // 19:30 // € 9,40
Cuddling beasty matter - A live audio visual installation
Open: 19:30 - 22:00 hrs
Tickets: € 9,40
Line up: Ana Brumat, Henrietta Müller, Jasna Veličković

CUDDLING BEASTY MATTER - A live audio visual installation 
We invite you to a room where an entangled net invades the space. Fluctuating video projections reveal structures of magnetic fields, captured through microscopic pieces of iron oxide. Spiky landscapes and desolated districts. Dust. A fusion between visual installation and sound performance. While passing through the invisible structures of electromagnetic fields, we trigger springs, strings, magnets, coils and resonating objects. ‘Cuddling Beasty Matter’ can be perceived as some sort of a sound dialogue between matter and human.

Ana Brumat: visual installation, spring-string instrument

Henrietta Müller: voice, resonating objects

Jasna Veličković: velicon [magnets and coils], adapters, remotes, coolers

Hosted by: 
Masha Bronnikova

Limited capacity
Due to limited capacity (max 19 visitors) it is mandatory to book your ticket prior to arriving at the location and follow our additional coronavirus rules. 

Tickets: 10€ (incl. booking costs)
Doors open: 19:30h, Performance start: 20:00h, End: 22:00h