Upcoming event
Monday 23 April
Plantage Dok // 18:30 // € 0
Genre: Melodic Punk
Open: 18:30 - 22:00 hrs
Tickets: € 0 / donate-as-you-feel

Wasteless Culture Monday is our new community based format for dinners and discussions on Mondays! In a common effort with filmmakers, organizations and other creative minds we supply a stage for good ideas that require a conversation over a dinner with friends. We came up with this idea, due to your great support in making our Wasteless Wednesday Dinners a succes.

Place & time: The Dokhouse gallery, every Monday (starting the 3rd week of January), from 18:30

Relating to the Wasteless Wednesday Dinners, the Monday Dinners also includes a donate-as-you-feel entry, great community to dine with and of course, plant-based meals made from rescued foods. The cherry on the top of the cake is that the Monday community dinners will be combined with either a documentary screening or a live band, speeches or ideas, opinions or suggestions. Short: A great way to start the week! We bring the neighbourhood together, you bring your friends.

This week's artist:

What does it sound like when a Bristolian makes love with Amsterdam? This and other questions you never asked yourself might be answered on this episode of our Wasteless Culture Monday. While we serve a platter full of morally sensible food, Jacob de Berker joins in to sing about his personal experiences. Join in for a multiple-course meal on a donate-as-you-feel basis and as always: The more friends the merrier.

Note: we strive to serve all our food at the end of the evening to live up with our "wasteless" concept. The most effective way to do so is to provide a first-come-first-served service. Therefore, it is not necessary to reserve a table.