Saturday 10 February
Tickets Filmhuis Cavia // 20:00 // € 6 presents!  Down & Dirty DIY Screening: Queer Sex Worker Porn
Genre: Sex-Positive, Queer, Sex Workers
Open: 20:00 - 22:00 hrs
Tickets: € 6 / or Cineville
Line up: Porn Film Festival Amsterdam

Porn Film Festival Amsterdam dives deep into the realms of pleasure, exploring the joyful and political facets of sex. Going beyond conventional perspectives, the festival shakes things up by featuring underground DIY creators alongside established figures from the porn industry. It's a platform where the unconventional, the marginalised, and the mysterious shine. The festival aims to carve out spaces for engaging encounters, giving room for both intimacy and rebellion. Join us in reclaiming and celebrating our unique and sometimes unconventional expressions of sexuality. presents!  Down & Dirty DIY Screening: Queer Sex Worker Porn

Raunchy. Hot. Political. DIY.

What happens when sex workers come together for a month-long workshop to produce queer porn?

Down & Dirty DIY Porn Workshop was a whore-y fantasy sparked by this very question. Dreamed up by queer sex workers Mercy and Vivi and sponsored by, Down & Dirty DIY invited queer sex workers to a peer-to-peer porn skill share that engaged the expertise of whores across the industry, bridged gaps in the sex worker community, and made queer fantasies come to life! Who better than other queer sex workers to conjure up hot, panty-dripping scenes together, right? So, buckle up loves, you‘re in for a ride. The screening will preview the films made in the workshop and host a number of other treats for your viewing pleasure! is a queer feminist collective that organises film and art events with the aim to destigmatise sex work.

45-60’ of short films
Followed by 30’ of Q&A and a 10-15’ performance
Total duration: 105’

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