Monday 23 October
Tickets OT301-Ventilator Cinema // 18:30 // € 8-20
Xilent Records Presents: Beam the Bomb | Zvov | Maija Anttila & Jonathan Nagel 
Genre: Concert, Performance, Theater
Open: 18:30 - 21:30 hrs
Tickets: € 8-20 / Pay what you can
Line up: Beam the Bomb, Zvov, Maija Anttila, Jonathan Nagel 

The new Amsterdam-based label “Xilent Records” endorses multi-faceted works, which invite to be experienced sonically, visually, physically, intuitively or intellectually. 
This night will feature three different live sets of curious and daring artistic projects:

* Amsterdam-based trio “Beam the Bomb” spawns blissful industrial easy listening music. They will present their brand new album “BonBomb”, which is released the same day on Xilent Records as cassette tape and digitally. ->

* “Zvov” shows their acoustic dada music-theater work “The New Bird of Peace”. 13 birds from around the world, embodied by two musicians playing viola and double bass, come to life with music, movement and costumes. ->

* “Maija Anttila & Jonathan Nagel” released their album “Way Over Time” last spring on Xilent Records. Now finally they will play their work of ambient electro-acoustic soundscapes live in concert. ->

18:30 Doors open. We will offer homemade vegan food for a friendly price, so don’t worry about coming hungry from work. We got you covered!
19:30 - 21:15 Live shows
22:00 Bar / building closes to respect the neighbors

Tickets between 8 - 20 €. Pay what you can, we trust you can make an appropriate decision about how much to support us. Keep in mind that this is an independent initiative with no subsidies, so your contribution is needed to keep us running! All ticket revenue goes directly to the artists.


More information about the artists:

Beam the Bomb - album release concert "BonBomb"
Beam the Bomb, an experimental music group, is pushing the boundaries of music and instrumentation with their unique approach to music-making. Their compositions are characterized by evocative soundscapes created through a blend of electronica and non-musical objects.
What sets Beam the Bomb apart from other experimental music groups is their informal approach to music-making. This allows them to infuse their compositions with a high degree of spontaneity and creativity, making their music fresh and unpredictable. They take risks and push the boundaries of musical expression, resulting in pieces that do not fit neatly into any one genre, yet are united by a focus on mood and atmosphere.
Rob Gradisen - samples
Jasna Velickovic - velicon, coils, electronics
Assi Weitz- toys, pans, synth, & bells 

XTR-006 (cassette + digital) -

Zvov - The New Bird of Peace
Something is not working here. With the dove, I mean. If it symbolizes peace then where is it?!
Join the bird songs competition, to choose the new bird of peace, instead of the good old dove. 13 birds from around the world, embodied by two musicians playing viola and double bass, come to life with music, movement and costumes. An original one-minute piece of music was written for each bird. At the end of each show, the audience will democratically vote for the winning bird, in the hope that it will bring us the desired peace.
A music-theater show that will expand hearts and make you spread your wings.
Creation, original music, text and performance - Maya Felixbrodt and Shaya Feldman.
Directed and written by Amit Gor
Costumes - Esther Goldschmidt, Ronnie Sagi

Maija Anttila & Jonathan Nagel - album release concert "Way Over Time"
The duet of Maija Anttila and Jonathan Nagel bridges the space between minimalist soundscapes and overwhelming walls of sound. Their instruments, the bass clarinet and contrabass, call for low roaring, but they are also able to produce a wide range of percussive sounds. Through live processing with various effects, dense sonic textures are created which draw the listener into an abstract and fascinating world.
In its slow pace, the music seems stagnant at times, yet it is constantly evolving. Without rush, without pretense, it explores the dark, melancholic and gloomy environment that it pictures. Like a walk through abandoned nightly city roads, it is as much exploration as it is enjoyment of bathing in a certain mood.
Maija Anttila - bass clarinet, fx
Jonathan Nagel - contrabass, fx
XTR-002 (vinyl + digital):

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