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REHEARSAL - Music Matrix
REHEARSAL - Music Matrix
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The Music Matrix has next to the recording studio 7 great extra rooms for rehearsals within the Q-Factory Premises. We specialise in great gear and the mood to go along with this feeling. All rooms have a different vibe and the gear which goes along with this taste. From the seventies sounds of Woodstock to the high gain metal of contemporary gunslingers. From the jazzy sounds of Manhattan to britpop or folky tastes of contemporary bands in the here and now! All rooms have great gear in the philosophy of the musical context. All Music Matrix studios are equipped with a drumkit, bass amp, two guitar amps and vocal set with 3 mics.

Music Matrix offers a choice of studios which have been customized to different genres. In addition there is and extensive collection of amplifiers, effects and synths. This makes Music Matrix ideal for pre-production, prepping for gigs and experimenting with your band or individual sound. At request it is possible to have your instrument tuned and optimized to get maximum impact for your sound.

For more info please mail or call +31 20 4192200