Issue #015 Published: 09-11-2017 // Written by: Tom

18th birthday of the OT301

The OT301 was squatted on the 14th of November 1999 by a group of artists that united themselves in a vereniging called EHBK (Eerste Hulp Bij Kunst).
In the past 18 years the collective has gone through a lot of phases because it has never been an easy job to run and maintain a building with a group of people in a democratic way. Running a non-profit organization like the OT301, with all its public programming, artist ateliers and living spaces takes commitment and lots of energy from all its members. It is a responsibility that you have to share because it is too much work for a single person or a small group. Although it hasn’t been easy sharing a building/organization with a mixed group of (inter)national artists and other open minded people, it created a vibe and atmosphere that can not be copied by commercial organizations or so called Broedplaatsen (that are initiated by the city government). Hard work pays off and creates something extraordinary. In places like the OT301 buzz-words like raw and authentic aren’t marketing slogans or styling efforts. It is the real deal!
The average outsider or visitor might think that the OT301 has won all its battles since the vereniging bought the building in 2006 and slowly transformed into a well oiled machine but not all is what it seems. It still takes lots of energy and discussions to make the ‘right’ decisions, every day, week or month, again and again. A project like this (luckily) is a never ending project and besides the hard work it is very important to realize that the bricks itself are worth nothing. It is all about the people and the energy that they put into the collective and its activities.

On Saturday the 11th of November the OT301 will celebrate its 18th birthday. In this case the 18th birthday does not mean that something is fully grown because the OT301 is in fact a never ending proces and it should always be a playground for those that want to experiment without the pressure of financial success. It can not be emphasized enough that places like this are important for a city that has always been proud to be open minded, creative, liberal and free. On the 11th the OT301 will be open from 13:00 till 05:00 hrs. There will be lots of activities during the day (and night). Let’s celebrate the 18th birthday of an experiment that values collective ownership, autonomy and self management more then anything else.    


4Bid  Gallery (ground floor)
From 14:00 hrs

4bid gallery will be open from 14h presenting an archive of event hosted by the space, together with an exposition of works which were made in the OT301 gallery during the weekly Life Drawing sessions. A collection of memories from our program of performances, exhibitions and discussions will be screened, in parallel with drawing sessions throughout the afternoon. We will bring you sweet music, creative freedom, experimental poses, projections, and, of course, a model to draw from. Let us share our passion for making things happen and involving interested people in it.
Cinema - 19:00-23:00 hrs (2nd floor)
Born in 1999 - Free Screenings:
19:00 The Iron Giant
21:00 Existenz
Cinema bar open from 18:00-00:00 hrs
Studios (ground floor)
Studio 2

13:00-22:00 hrs: Various activity's, food, drinks, ping pong

Studio 1

13:00-14:00 hrs: Aerial kids Okido Yoga class and presentation by: Youth circus OTt301
Max 6 kids sign in by sms or whats app (06-50998032)

18:00-18:30 hrs: Presentation of Movement academy OT301 and project Life for life OT301

18:30-20:00 hrs: Aerial therapeutics class by: Movement Academy OT301
Max 6 participants sign in by sms or whats app (06-50998032)

19:30-23:00 hrs: Aerial and dance improvisation, breakdance
+ Photo expo
from Artistic Aerial photo shooting  at Movement Academy ot301 

23:00-05:00 hrs: DJ/Live music night with:
Bonnie Li (Live, French duo - Berlin based)
Sycomor (Live act, French - Berlin based)
DJ’s Klerezooi
Power vs Power 
Visuals by: Nuns with guns
Art by: Royale Belleville/ Studio Inferno III
Performance by: Movement academy Ot301

Bodlabot (1st floor)
14:15-15:30 hrs: Dance Improvisation Open Class
In this class we start working using the floor as our partner to warm up and generate movement possibilities, to then move gradually up and create dances. 
More information:

16:00-17:00 hrs: Chi Kung Open Class
Chi Kung is an ancient art used in martial art and for health. 
This open class is an introduction but also in depth study of a simple act of standing still. The material of the class will be rooted in ancient excercises and postures which are simple and easy to integrate in daily life. The aim of the class is to find esse in standing still, to improve circulation and strengthen the core structure of the body and mind.
Peper (ground floor)
Sub:terrein DJ’s: Franco Najera and Eskaym (Techno, House, Breaks, Jungle, Dnb)
Programming different styles of electronic music on the one night. Mono-cultures are boring. Melt the genre silos.

Exhibition: ‘Urban Legends’ collages by Svetlin Velchev.
Artist: Ruud de Kort (1st floor)
Open studio showing work. From 13:00-20:00 hrs
Anamorphic studios (3rd floor)

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