Issue #010 Published: 12-12-2016 // Written by: Festival3D

ADEV - Photo report

Every year in October during the ADE weekend, we dance for our belief straight through the city. We dance for a free Amsterdam. For a city that recognises the value of diversity, for people who think outside the box, a city with alternative experimental spaces and a transverse sound.

We dance for the preservation of these free spaces and to keep public area’s accessible to everyone, with or without a well-filled wallet.

We dance for a political state of mind that stimulates diverse initiatives with a bottom up approach. A local government that rewards this way of thinking rather then constraining this. 
We dance for the city that we love: that is characterised by its diversity, creativity, social structure and her rebellious sound. We dance for Amsterdam where there is still room for everyone, especially for those who don’t think about endless consumption or profit.
The city of Amsterdam owes the many free spirits, since they make the city exciting and diverse. We therefore claim the free space during ADE and dance without any profit, together through the city.
So let’s dance!

A photo report by René of Festival3D

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