Selected event
Sunday 14 January
Pakhuis Wilhelmina-Corridor Project Space // 16:00 // € 0
At the Borderline of Vitality organised by Videoist
Genre: Screening
Open: 16:00 - 19:00 hrs
Tickets: € 0
Line up:
Screening with participating artists: Yeni Anıt
Nancy Atakan
Giovanni Giaretta
Servet Koçyiğit
Ali İbrahim Öcal
Ferhat Özgür
Janis Rafa
Çağrı Saray
Krassimir Terziev and Serdar Yılmaz

14th January 2018 4pm borrel, 5mp screening starts

" The Earth is undergoing a period of intense techno-scientific transformations. If no remedy is found, the ecological disequilibrium this has generated will ultimately threaten the continuation of life on the planet's surface." Felix Guattari, The Three Ecologies, 1990.  

Plants, animals, bacteria, fungi, crystals, minerals and viruses. What is at the very center and periphery of vitality, bringing together all of the foregoing species? Within premises of such ecosystem causing existence of life, where do vitality and life start and end? Such as the sponges considered as plants being actually animals, fungi and bacteria being adopted as a universe varying from animals and plants, are ambiguating the boundaries between life and death of those species at the borderline of vitality.   (Pelt, Mazoyer, Monod, Girardon: 31,1999) 

The works conducted in the age of biopolitics like extending the lifespan and reproductive efficiency are altering the unique matchlessness of the living creature. The secondary and artificial life brought forth by such change is referred to under the text “From a work of art to documentation of art” contained in the book by Boris Groys titled "Art Power ". It is referred to under the said text, possibility of regeneration of life and substitution of something else in place thereof.  In the course of such a process, the living organism loses its uniqueness, non-duplicable existence, matchlessness and lifespan. By means of documentation,  life of a living creature is generated once again and in an artificial manner, and reproduced a vitality independent from the difference between the living creature and artificial object. Said difference is particularly a narrative difference. It is not to be observed, it could only be narrated. Groys, referring to a form of art prescribed as bioart in the era of biopolitics, expresses that documentation of art is embossing into history the life and existence of a living creature and emphasizes the enlivening impact of the work of art to this effect. (Groys, :63, 2013) 

At present, we are faced with three ecological, social, environmental and humanistic challenge, as referred to under Guattari’s renowned text titled The Three Ecologies.    

Videoist is appearing with an anthology focusing on the sensitivity of the artist to the problems of his geographical territory as well as the planet itself. His anthology titled “At The Borderline Of Vitality”, consists of works focused on the nature, the ecosystem and a planet centered around the human, where the dimensions of video towards documentation of the artistic and performative or fictional image are intermingled.  

Artists Included in the Anthology and Their Works: 

Yeni Anıt - Integrity, Nancy Atakan-Ascribed, Giovanni Giaretta-Untitled/Portrait Study, Servet Koçyiğit-99 Years, Ali İbrahim Öcal- Loop Three Times for Lephitos, Hülya Özdemir-Ars Hypium, Ferhat Özgür-Resurrection,  Janis Rafa-Winter Come Early, Çağrı Saray-Feeling Like, Krassimir Terziev-A Message From Space In My Backyard, Serdar Yılmaz-Puddle. 


Image (incl. credits)

Janis Rafa, video still Winter Come Early 2K, 16:9, stereo sound, 3min, 2015